Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Valentine Weekend

Had a great time Valentine Weekend! Hang out with my team and performed for the couples at Tokyohana. I took them back with a song I wrote "Your Love Is" from my second album that came out 2005 - The LitaMae Show...I also did my new single "Emotional". It was awesome. Check out a few pics..

Saturday, March 5, 2011

God doesn't have a problem with R&B, it's man!

Just got out the shower and I was thinking about something.....I was thinking about the world and everything going on in it. I started thinking about a conversation I had today about music. We were talking about how some people are so quick to judge a person if they aren't singing gospel. This is a personal subject for me bc I've experienced judgment from my own brothers and sisters in Christ about my music. People leave me comments all the time saying "I thought you did gospel" and how I'm compromising. It really gets on my nerves. I appreciate and thank my true fans who've been holding me down all 4 albums. Thank you. This blog is just questions I think about all the time about some of us Christians and our views on music and is not meant to try to change anybody's mind or offend anyone. It's just my thoughts....

Why is it that when a person says they're going to college, no one judges them and asks them why they aren't going to a christian college? Why is it when someone says I'm going to apply for a job as an accountant in the secular world, no one judges them and asks why they won't go work and do accounting for a church? It's because we need these jobs so the world can run. We need banks...we need bank tellers, etc. Why is it when painters paint their pictures, no one tells they can only paint pictures of Jesus? But for some reason when it comes to music, when you say you do anything other than gospel, some people in the church say you are 'of the world' and need to come sing gospel. Why is pursuing a 'secular' career in music looked at differently than any other secular job to some Christians? This gets frustrating at times, but I remember MY purpose and keep going...understanding everyone won't see your vision. Reminds me of a quote by Tony Gaskins.."Everybody won't understand everything because everything isn't for everybody so get what's for you."

Some of us have coworkers, bosses, etc that we work with and know they aren't saved or living right. But we go do our job and ask God to let our lights shine around them while we go work our 'secular' jobs...ie accountants, receptionist, teacher, bus driver, cook, cashier, etc. We hear them cursing, see them cheating & No one has a problem with that. No one says quit your job because you're around those sinners all day. But when it comes to music, if you're not singing gospel, you're looked at with the sideeye. But when you work in corporate America,at a Burger King , or at a school, no one thinks of it in the same way. Remember...those are 'secular jobs' as well.

To sum it up....I believe it is our job to let our light shine no matter what our job is. It's not God that judges us based on a music genre, it's man! At the same time, I believe when we have Christ in our hearts, we'll be mindful of what we do and what comes out of our mouth. No matter what we do, we should point people to Jesus and do our best to live for Him. We all have different purposes and God uses different methods to reach people, but we all have one thing in common...to let our light shine and be witnesses for Christ. Don't be so closed minded as to box God into a music genre. He's bigger than that. God uses people everywhere. This is nothing against gospel music because I absolutely love gospel music. As a matter of fact, I have gospel songs. All I'm saying is that singing Gospel is an awesome tool, but it's not the only way God uses people in this life.

Don't define me or any other person by a music genre because you don't know how God is using them behind the scenes. Last, always remember to pray for people when you feel they are doing something you don't understand or doing something you 'feel' they shouldn't be doing because when you talk about them to others instead of talking to them in love and out of concern, you mess up your chance of ever reaching them. You will always win people over with love far easier than criticizing them and pushing them away. Remember that. Loving is #winning. Judging.. #thataintwinning.

PS. To those who feel that singing R&B is wrong...know that there is a whole book in the Bible dedicated to romance & love songs...Song of Solomon...go read it for yourself. God has no problem with it. It's us. It's not for everyone to do, but it has its place in the world. :)