Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Back On Track

Wow...the last two weeks have been something else for me..lol I've been traveling in and out of town and the food has been complimentary but guess what? It hasn't been healthy and I allowed myself to get off track. I already have a sweet addiction and relapse from time to time. I keep sweets out of my house but it's hard to resist when there is a great feast of it.lol Even though I am a fitness trainer, I do get weak sometimes...but because it's a lifestyle, when I get off track, I get back on. A lot of trainers may not have admitted this to you, but I'm human and I mess up too. Eating healthy can be compared to our Christian walk. It's a lifestyle and a journey. So if you're like me and you know you've been slacking, I'm encouraging you to get back on track. Get back in the game. It's amazing what 2 weeks of eating unhealthy can do. I started back and my body has been craving everything but I've been staying strong. Stay focused and let's do this thing. Also follow my health and fitness blogs for tips to help you stay on track. Here's the link: http://sheihealthandfitnesstips.blogspot.com/