Monday, October 26, 2009

Don't Look Out The Window

I felt led to talk to you about fear vs faith. You know I have to start off with Hebrews 11:1. It says "Faith means being sure of the things we hope for and knowing that something is real even if we do not see it."That version was taken from the New Century Bible.Faith is trusting God even when we can't see how and when "it" will happen. I have an acronym for fear.

Let me tell you something, if you believe it, it will God's timing though. But you have to trust God. The bible says faith comes by hearing and hearing comes by the word of God. The word is our foundation. It is the only thing that millions of people can stand on at the same time and will never break or give out on us. It's solid, it's real and it's our life. God told me to tell YOU that all things are possible to those who believe!

No matter what your situation is, no matter the sickness, no matter how much it's gonna cost, no matter how long you've been waiting, no matter how much you are hurting inside, and no matter how far gone you feel a family member is, and no matter how bad your credit is, God can and will fix your situation if you BELIEVE IT.

Let me share a story with you to show you how faith and praise will work for you.In high school during my 11th and 12th grade year I was in COOP.....where you go to school half a day and work for half a day. I had my first car at 16 and that's what I was driving to and from work. Well, I remember one day my car was trippin and I had no way to work. I called everyone I could think of who I felt could take me to work. I had to get there cuz I had already been messing up at work and only had a few more times to mess up or I was outta there.LOL Come on.....You know how it is when you're younger.

So I called my aunt who lived down the street. I just knew she could take me cuz she was retired, always at home and was always there for the family if they needed something. I called her and to my surprise, even she couldn't do take me to work. She said another car that wasn't working was parked behind her car so there was nothing she could do. I was outta options. So let me tell you what I did. You might think this is funny but it moved the hand of God.

At 17 yrs old I started praying and just praising and thanking God for a way to work. I didn't know how I was gonna get there or who was gonna take me but I BELIEVED that God will make a way. I kept saying thank you Lord for making a way for me. I know I messed up at work but I can't afford to mess up anymore. Thank you Lord that It's already done. I trust you. I was standing in my living room and every now and then I would get a little fearful and look out the window to see if someone, anyone would just pull up in the driveway to come get me. I got my mind together, pushed the fear aside, stopped looking out the window and started back praising.

Here's where the blessing came. After about 30 minutes of praising and trusting God, I received a phone call from my aunt. She said that she was messing up her flower bed and driving over her good plants trying to squeeze her car from out of the driveway so she could take me to work. Remember, the other car that didn't work was behind her car and she said she couldn't take me. The key point is that all that time while I was praising and thanking God, not knowing how he was gonna move (just knowing that he would), God had my aunt squeezing her car out of the driveway and even driving over her good plants for me so I could get to work.

So listen, it doesn't matter how big or small you think your situation is, trust God and put a praise on yur lips to remind you of who God is. Don't worry about how long it will take, how it will happen, and when it will happen. Just know that it will happen. And don't look out the window because it produces fear. And while you're praising and trusting him, either he is moving or has someone moving for you in your situation that you don't know anything about! Looking out the window represents being moved by what you see instead of walking by faith. So be encouraged today. Nothing is impossible with God.

Your challenge for today is to let go of any kind of worries or fears you have concerning your situation. Go through this day in praise knowing that God is moving for you. Don't try to figure it out. Just trust God.

Love you guys and remember, "We're letting go together!"



  1. Love your Blog......what your saying is soooo true, I can find something to relate to what your saying. Thank You

  2. Great testimony. Pray for me that I will get over my fear of having a broken family; I fear that if I was to lay with a woman and birth a child, that we will then soon break up and become "baby daddy - baby mama" figures. I'm a family oriented man and stand strongly against broken homes. I am 30 years of age and patiently waiting. Overall, this is the only area of fear that I have, otherwise, I come boldly in the name of Jesus.
    *It was kool to get to know you a little more: inspired.

    Bro. Roderick
    Confessions Ministries

  3. Your blog definitely spoke to me this evening. I'm dealing with a couple of issues which are really forcing me to depend on God's grace. I'm so thankful for his mercy and without faith I'd truly be lost ;0) Thank You for Sharing ~


  4. wow...i will not look out the window:)

  5. Shei-

    These words are so inspirational, I am with you...I am letting go in 2010...a fresh new beginning!!! Thank you, SHei!

  6. I love this!! Very inspiring!! Everything I need to know at this point in my life. My biggest problem is I keep looking out the window.

    Im letting go also in 2010!!!!!

  7. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real but thank God for FAITH...Full Assurance In The Heart..

    I just read Hebrews 11 the other night...RIGHT ON!